1.  The Group shall be called the “Stedman Cousins”.

2.  The Objects of the Group are to:

• Facilitate and encourage exchange between members to research the history and genealogy, ancient and modern, of the Stedman family, with the intent of building friendships between members and a growing pool of knowledge about the Stedman family.

• Foster kinship, establish friendships, and rekindle relationships.

• Promote the family and organise Family Gatherings.

3.  Membership shall be open to all those of Stedman descent, their partners, and to all those wishing to promote the objectives of the Group.

4.  All members shall pay an annual membership fee or subscription.  The elected Committee shall set the annual membership fee, which shall be approved either at the Group’s Gathering or by vote, conducted in the most efficient and encompassing manner.  This fee shall be set so that income and expenditure are in balance.

Membership shall cover members of a household.  All communication will be sent to the person nominated as the contact point.  The contact point will cast the vote for their membership when voting is called for.

5.  Membership subscriptions and any other income received by the Group shall be lodged to a bank account in the name of the group.  Withdrawals from the account shall be made on the signature of any one of the two nominated signatories, both of whom ideally should be based in the UK.

6.  The affairs of the Group shall be managed by the Group Committee comprising:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Genealogist
  • Historian
  • Webmaster.

From time to time, the above officers may coopt additional persons to further the Objects of the Group.

7.  Members shall be entitled to view Group specific data on the Stedman Cousins Website and cast a vote on Group matters.

8.  It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to ensure that a Stedman Reunion is organised on a regular basis, preferably every two years.  Notification of a subsequent Reunion shall be sent to all members as well as those people who attended the previous Reunion.

9.  Election of Officer Bearers shall be scheduled each two years, preferably at each Reunion, by members who are fully paid-up.  Current Title holders shall retire from their offices at the end of the period.  The outgoing committee shall oversee the election of new officers.  All office holders shall be entitled to re-election.  Nominations for election must be received, in writing by the president at least one week before the election date, who will publish them at least twenty four hours prior to the election.   Elections will only be held when there are more nominations than positions.

10.  The Group Committee shall hold a formal General Meeting at the Group Gathering at which Reports shall be presented by the President, the Treasurer, and other officers.  Other meetings shall be held as required.  All reports should be circulated to members prior to the meeting at which they are to be presented.

11.  This Constitution shall be approved by a simple majority of those entitled to vote.  Thereafter, proposed amendments must be advised to the secretary in writing, distributed to all members and voted upon.  A two thirds majority of those eligible to vote shall be required to carry any such amendments.


Bucknell, Shropshire – August 2008

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